Business & Technical Consulting


P&C provides a wide range of consulting services largely aimed at hardware and software vendors. We can assist overseas corporations in setting up an office in Japan, hiring human resources, building alliances and partnerships, conducting various types of market research, and managing user groups --- all part of our one-stop service line-up.

Collateral Creation

Using our own digital asset management system we can create such off-line media as catalogs, sales tools, manuals, sales promotion & campaign materials, and CDs & DVDs, as well as such online media as Flash materials or streaming video.
We have a high-end creative environment that enables thorough version control and an online management system that allows us to store all files since our establishment for anytime access. Our customers seem particularly appreciative of our ability to instantly produce any of their past work no matter how old. We can also create documents in English, including translations. The quality of our work and our extensive range of services have helped us to create long-standing relationships with several of Japan’s key hardware and software vendors.


We can be of particular assistance if you would like to:
- explain your product concept or company strategy in an easy-to-understand format
- explain the competitive advantages your company has to offer effectively enough to seal the deal
- enhance your corporate reputation with impressive graphics used in large-scale seminars
We can address all of these situations, and many more, and help you to create highly effective presentation materials.