System & Web Development

Systems Development

P&C has had a great deal of experience with business applications and portal sites for office staff and sales networks using Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Access. This allows us to provide systems quickly and with excellent cost performance. For browser-based applications we conduct extensive compatibility testing for the main operating system and the various browsers in order to support a variety of user environments.

Web Site Development

We can provide the majority of the technology required for construction of a modern web site, including programming in Flash, XML, PHP. We provide professional advice as we build sites that fit our clients’ specific needs, especially global sites for major Japanese clients. The web sites we create are known for their balance --- well designed while also offering ease of use for the end-user and ease of maintenance for the site administrator. This feature has led to numerous long-term contracts with our clients.

Content Creation

P&C can create various types of high quality, client-specific web content including large-scale multi-language content creation initiatives such as those that involve offices in the U.S., Europe and Japan, movie trailer sites for promoting soon-to-be-released movies, serialized case studies, and content for auto-generated system proposals. Applying our abundant experience to the exact needs of our clients enables us to present information that is timely and strategic.